How to make your marriage a fairy tale story


Marriage is one beautiful word, which comes with love, respect, and responsibility. We need to grow up and understand that marriage isn’t a fairytale and to stop searching for a perfect partner. And, boys need to stop searching for someone like your mother because every girl is different and they are perfect in their own way. Every marriage is beautiful and it’s your job to make it deep and strong for life.


Respect: Do not degrade your spouse in front of your family members or friends. If you have a problem with your spouse, talk about it when you are alone. If you can not respect your partner, how do you expect your family and friends to respect him/her.

Tongue Control: Use your tongue wisely, your tongue either bless you or bomb on your marriage. Your partner needs your love, respect, encouragement, and compliments, Not your sarcasm or criticism. How you both speak to each other is a very important thing for a happy marriage life. 

Family Comparisons: Every family has their goods and bad and that makes them special. It’s not healthy to compare your family with your spouse’s family. These type of comparisons creates bitterness in your relationship.


Do not Ignore: Ignoring your spouse is a sign of a weak marriage. Do not let your work, friends, family, or any other thing to be a reason to ignoring your partner. If you had a super busy day, don’t worry; all you need to do is have a cup of tea/Coffee with your spouse and share your day with him/her.

Be Acceptable: Marriage is not like movies or tv serial where the wife is Super perfect and husband is more like a superman who can do the dance in the market or bought a dozen of flowers every day, where the wife is super fast and can do anything without complaining. Get a life it’s not happening every day. Take it slow don’t expect too much, you both are human you will do mistakes, be acceptable, forgive and forget. 


Anniversaries/Birthdays: Celebrating birthdays or anniversaries are one of the ways to show your love to your partner, i know some people thinks it’s not a big deal, i agree with them, it’s not but can be, if your spouse love to celebrate.Take your spouse for a lunch or make a delicious dinner for 2 at home, or the way your spouse love to celebrate. 

Don’t Try to Change your Spouse: When you both decide to get married you like each other they way you are, then why some couples try to change each other. Don’t do that you can’t change someone because you want. Accept him/her the way they are, that makes him/her special, and that was the reason you like him/her.

For a successful Marriage, you have to fall in love every day and always with the same person.

      “No matter how much time goes by                                                                                                       I will never forget the first time                                                                                                          you looked at me and I fell in love”