Mere Ban Jao Drama : Episode 1 Review


Pakistani drama serial Mere Ban Jao is air on HUM TV. The main cast of the drama is Zahid Ahmed, Azfar Rehman, Kinza Hashmi, Rabia Noreen, Ayesha Gul, and Fazila Qazi. Mere Ban Jao drama directed by Syed Ahmed Kamran and written by Samira Fazal and Production is MD Productions & Moomal Entertainment.

The episode begins with Azmia who was making a portrait of her fiance Fardeen, and counting the days until marriage, she is being thankful for everything around her. Azmia is madly in love with her fiance and willing to do anything to make him pleased. Azmia’s mother asks her to come into the kitchen and make roties and she wants to learn cooking before her marriage.


Azmia’s bhabi comes out of nowhere and shows a video clip on her mobile which makes her mother furious, Azmia’s mother asks her to delete the video clip. It was unclear what that video was. But as a viewer, we get the impression the video was about a woman. On the other hand, Azmia was uninterested in the discussion. As she was waiting for Fardeen’s call.

Fardeen is Azmia’s fiance and her first cousin who lives in the US, Fardeen is very demanding, choosey and self-centred and wants Azmia to be there whenever he wants. Azmia told Fardeen she will be busy as she is going to the Mall for wedding shopping, due to this reason she will not be able to speak to him for some hours, this small rejection make him furious, and out of anger, Fardeen told her not to contact him as he is going to block her. Azmia told her mother that she is not joining them for wedding shopping, as Fardeen is upset because of that and not taking her calls as well.


Zaqi who lives in the same neighbourhood also like Azmia, but he also understands the class difference between them. Zaqi is a tailor by profession, He is still studying but also helping her mother in her tailoring business.

Next day when Azmia calls Fardeen and apologises for neglecting him and gave her promise to Fardeen that she will never be going to bug him and that she will do anything to please him. She also told Fardeen that she is all alone in the house, as everyone went shopping. Now Fardeen asks her to go in the room and let’s have a video call. the episode ends on a very cringy note.



*Right now the only part was stand out in this episode was Zaqi’s character, Zaheed Ahmad stole the episode with his acting and how he prepared the character.

*Fardeen is a demanding, self-centred and wicked man. Fardeen actions are full of red flags, and Azmia is so blind to his love that she is ignoring all the red flags about him.

*Azmia’s bhabi is so over the top character, laud and over to watch.

*I’m going to watch this show, for now, only for Zaqi’s Character.