Tere Bin drama: Episode 6 Review


This episode begins, when Anwar tries to apologize to Meerub for abandoning her, he tries to explain how much he regrets that decision. Anwar is frightened of seeing this side of Meerub as he knows that he is at fault but she will react like this he never dreamed of that.

Meerub refused to accept his apology and ask him to leave her alone. Meerub wants to contact her friends but she is ashamed to expose the reality of her birth and adoption as she always hates Anwar and Amma Begum.


Waqas Ahmed wants to meet Meerub but Amma Begum stops him and asks waqas Ahmed to leave the town without saying goodbye to Meerub. That declaration from Amma Begum leaves Waqas and his wife shattered, they leave for Karachi with heavy hearts and eyes full of tears.

Tere bin drama geo tv

Meerub saw them leaving without saying goodbye, she attempts to stop them but they left. She rejects accepting the change in her life and threatened everyone that she is not going to accept Anwar as a father and this family as her.


Murtasim feels sorry for Meerub, he tried to comfort him but she again humiliated him and refused to acknowledge his kindness.

Tere bin drama review

Meerub asks Murtasim to take her to Karachi to meet her parents one last time because she believed that he is the only one who can do this. Murtasim takes her to meet Waqas Ahmed without notifying Amma begum. This action by Murtasim didn’t go well with Amma Begum and she ask Anwar to call Waqas Ahmad and ask him not to meet Meerub.

Being rejected by her parents Meerub is completely broken and left with no longing. She asks Murtasim now where should I go my own house is not mine anymore. Murtasim asks her to go with him as his home is hers as well. This time is left quietly.


Well, there is not much happening in this episode, for me, this episode was a bit boring as the story moved very slowly. But we got to see the soft side of Murtasim, which was the highlight of the episode.

Meerub’s lashing out at Murtasim for everything is unnecessary. Meerub’s father is the only one who was crying for her.

Fazila Qazi is a lost soul in the episodes with no emotions no dialogue nothing, what a waste of a good actor.

Wahaaj Ali completely stole the show with his chocolatey looks. Yumna looks beautiful and is seen doing justice to her role.