Fraud -Story Review

Fraud drama review

The story starts with Maya (Saba Qamar) the eldest daughter of Nisar and Shehnaz, this couple has two daughters Maya and Maila. Maya’s younger sister Maila is her support system and plays an important role in Maya’s life. Maya’s father Nisar himself belongs to the middle class, but he wants to marry his daughter to rich and high-class families.

Maya and her cousin Nayel liked each other too and wanted to get married but her father won’t accept this marriage proposal. Despite the love, Nisar has for his sister & nephew could not make him change his mind about the criteria that he had for Maya’s future husband. Does Maya’s father make the most significant mistake to refuse Nael’s honest and pure intentions toward his daughter? 


Maya’s father has been always there for his sister and his nephew supports her financially, It doesn’t take long for Shazia( Maya’s aunt) to realize that this kind of financial condition was only going to create problems for Maya & this wasn’t the kind of life he wanted to choose for his daughter.

Tabrez ( Ahsan Khan) is a con man who portrays himself as rich and wealthy and coming from a powerful background. His business is to con simple families, He marries good and simple families who can afford a good dowry for their daughters. Once he get married he took all the money and dowry from the girl and vanish in the thin air.


There is another family in this storyline Shaan and his family. Shaan (Mikaal Zulfikar), trusts his stepmother and stepsister Tuba more than anything. Shaan’s mother is an evil woman who despises her stepson and makes his life hell secretly. Shaan’s wife Simra left the house and went to America with her daughter Zimmel due to problems created by his stepmother and sister. His wife Simra tries to show him who his stepmother is up to. But Shaan failed to see through them and it cost him a broken marriage. Will Shaan ever be able to see what his stepmother and stepsister are planning and plotting against him?

Fraud Drama by ary digital is a reflection of families whose obsession with marring their daughters in wealthy and powerful families without checking their background. sadly sometimes it ends up leading to damaging consequences.

Mehmood Aslam
Saba Qamar
Ahsan Khan
Mikaal Zulfikar
Asma Abbas
Nida Mumtaz
Adnan Samad Khan
Nazli Soomro
Ainy Zaidi
Saife Hassan and others

Writer: Zanjabeel Asim Shah
Director: Saqib Khan
Producer: Abdullah Seja
Production House: iDream Entertainment
Channel: ARY Digital
Day: Saturday
Time Slot: 8 PM

Singers: Ali Zafar & Hina Nasrullah
Lyrics & Composer: Ali Zafar