Parizaad episode 10 Review: The Godfather

Parizaad drama review

This episode begins with Parizaad confront factory manager Mustafa, who is doing illegal work in the factory. Jaan warns Parizaad and asks him not to get into this as it’s sound dangerous. But parizaad is determined to explain this situation to the Factory owner Kareem Behroze.


Parizaad finally got a chance to explain the situation to kareem behroz, he asks his manger to bring Prizaaz home. Behroze is impressed by Parizaad’s loyalty and honesty although he has no issues with not registering the loaded vehicles. He knows all about that it is all happening with his consent and knowledge but he is impressed by Parizaad’s courage.


Kareem Behroze asks Parizaad what he wants in life and Parizaad straight away tells him that he wants to earn more and more money. Behroze asks can he shed blood for money? Without any hesitation, Parizaad to our surprise says yes that he can even shed blood for money. Wait, what!

Parizaad’s bhabi’s are still curious about the money Saeeda gets for her husband business, and both her bhabies keep cursing Parizaad for being insensitive and selfish toward his brothers.

Parizaad asks Janu about his marriage plans and tells him that when he will start earning he will solve his financial problems too.

Parizaad is now madam Laila Saba’s guard. Laila Saba does not like his presence and asks Kareem Behroze to replace him with someone else but he asks her to bear him, for sake of her security.

Finally, Parizaad gets a chance to play the piano and express his enthusiasm and love for music.


Parizaad impresses Kareem Behroze with his courage to stand by the truth no matter what. But he also advised Parizaad that always learn about the complete story before confronting someone. Laila saba’s character looks quite suspicious and snobby. It seems like she is going to create big problems for Parizaad in future. I’m truly frustrated by Parizaad’s babies scenes, those scenes are not making any sense with the current storyline. As always Parizaad proves that he has a heart for everyone, specifically when he promised Janu about solving his financial problems.

Let’s see what new lesson life is going to teach him this time.