Khuda Aur Mohabbat Episode 30 Review

Previously in the episode, we saw Farhad telling the faqeer that he wants to run away from there where no one can recognize him. Sikandar and Mahi’s family go to the Mazaar. Mahi takes a chance and goes to meet Farhad. Mahi requests him to stop living like this and go back to his life. But Farhad doesn’t bother about anyone including his parents and his life back home. He still wants her and nothing else. Farhad reveals to faqeer that Mahi wants to send him back to his old life. The faqeer replies that she wants to set him free but he wants to remain committed.

Khuda aur mohabbat 3

Episode 30 begins with Bhabi is asking Mahi to accept the fact that she also loves Farhad. But Mahi does not want to accept. Mahi believes she is a widow and has no freedom to like or love someone. She also states that there is more big barrier between them like status, power, money and no one will accept this.

On the other hand, Mahi’s mother tells Kazim Shah and her son Nazim Shah how Mahi’s mother-in-law wants her to marry Sikandar. As we all know, Mahi’s brother Nazim Shah is an egotistic and self-centered person, agreed to the proposal in a blink. Because, his political advantages, not even a second he thinks about Mahi. His wife tries to convince him not to push Mahi for this marriage. However, he refuses to understand and asks his wife to convinces Mahi of this marriage, as this is good for both Mahi and him.

Peer Ji left the Mazar and chose Farhad to takes his place, Farhad refuses to accept the position. Later, after reasoning, he eventually accepts the decision.

Romana visits the Mazar and meets Farhad, Farhad asks her to meet Sinkander as he kept asking about her, but she refused to meet him. Farhad asks, what should I say to him if he asks about you again. Romana said, tell him “Our bodies are separate but, our souls are always together” Ramona left the Mazaar with teary eyes.


This episode is all about Mahi and Sikandar’s marriage. I don’t understand why no one asking what Mahi wants. I don’t expect anything from her brother as we all see he is all about his political career. Mahi’s mother-in-law forgets all about Taimoor and her life is currently moving around only Mahi. Why writer still keeping Roma character in the scene, her small scenes are not making sense. Mahi’s life is full of suffering and I’m not seeing any relief. It is very difficult to see her like that. Farhad takes the seat of Bare Peer Ji, why didn’t he listened to Mahi and went back to his family, not even onee he thought about his mother?

Will Mahi agree to marry Sikandar? Will things change for Farhad?
Will ever Sikandar ever meet ramona again?