Dour Episode 14-15 Review: Rehmat baba the savior

Dour Episode 9 Review

The episode starts with Adil, who is back from overseas after resigned from his job. Adil is intended to marry Yasmin and has no issues with taking care of her daughters. But his mother (Asma and Yasmin’s Phupoo) is not ready for that she is already unnecessarily yelling and cursing at Yasmin and her daughters all the time. This phupoo character is unbearable.

We have seen that Abhaan keep asking his mother for Asma and said why did you guys haired someone like Rehmat for me, I only want Asma for me. Because of his pressure, and threats to Mrs. Etheshaam that if she will not help him in getting rid of Rehmat Baba he will expose her reality in front of Romaan.

Mrs. Etheshaam is using all her tactics to kick out Rehmat, which Romaan has hired for Abhaan. Mrs. Etheshaam is quite pleased and satisfied with Rehmat’s devotion. but it’s Abhaan who can’t bear Rehmat baba taking care of him as he is jealous of see Asma and Romaan enjoying their life together.

Asma and Romaan get a break from Abhaan because of Rehmat Baba. Rehmat taking care of Abhaan completely. Rehmat baba very calmly tolerates Abhaan’s and Mrs. Etheshaam’s snubbing and unnecessary yelling.

Adil visits Asma and congratulates her for marriage, and he also confuses her that he wants to marry Yasmin. Abhaan tries to humiliate Asma by asking her to clean her foot but Rehmat baba saves her.

I don’t understand one thing why is Asma roaming around in the house with vases which is gifted by her cousin Adil.

Mrs. Etheshaam knows that Rehmat is an honest man, who can not trick by money, So she plans something more vicious. she uses another wicked way with the help of Geeti to place jewelry in his bag in his room.

Next, she complains Romaan about her missing jewelry. As expected Romaan finds the jewelry bag in Rehmat Baba’s bag.

Roman and Asma are sure that someone like Rehmat can’t commit such a crime. Mrs. Etheshaam as always starts screaming, every time she and Phupoo yell I mute the volume.. too much shouting.

2nd episode ends with Abhaan stops her mother from screaming at Rehmat Baba by saying that he doesn’t like the way you are shouting at him.

This drama is too much all over the place, still, the audience is very much interested in knowing about Mrs. Etheshaam’s past, and 2nd thing what makes the audience love this drama is Sania Saeed and Azfar Rehman’s brilliant portrayal of their characters.