Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Episode 4 Story Review

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This episode starts with Mehreen and  Mashal’s fight over Inhelor and the sudden death of Mehreen’s bird. Tired of every day’s hate and arguments Mehreen tells safi that she is ready for marriage. 

Aswad came back to Pakistan. And Mashal visits his house and as always she badmouths Mehreen and Aswad blindly believe everything she said. After lunch, Mashal asks Aswad to drop her home and meets her mother, when they went home there was an argument going on between Mehreen and Mashal’s mother. Again Aswad gets the wrong idea and Mehreen chose not to explain anything to him. 


Marshal and her mother successfully scatch the wrong image of Mehreen in front of Aswad, as they want him to regent her when it’s come to the marriage and chose Mashall as his life partner.

 Nani invites Aswad and her mother for family dinner, where Mehreen was missing as she doesn’t want to meet Aswad so she asks her maid to tell them she is not home.  Mashall and her mother take this as an opportunity and continue praising Mashal and defamed Mehreen, and describe to everyone how rebellious and disrespectful Mehreen is. 

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However, Aswad finds out that Mehreen is home all this time, he instantly went to meet her and asks her why she didn’t come for dinner, he also apologizes for being rude to her earlier on phone. 

This episode ends with the brief meeting between Aswad and Mehreen.

My Point of View!

Mehreen is getting bullied by her own family on daily basis and not even a single person considers her as a human being. They always blame her for every small thing, which makes Mehreen bitter and rude. I truly feel sad when she asks Safi for marriage because she sees marriage as the only solution to her problem.

I have a big problem with Aswad, he is too blind toward things and instantly makes his reservations for Mehreen.  If Mashal wants to win Aswad she can do better rather than pulling down Mehreen. Aswad’s mother is the only support for Mehreen, who is genuinely understand her and loves her. This drama is getting interesting day by day. I want to see how Aswad will react when he will learn Mashal’s reality and her conspiracy against Mehreen.