Wafa Be Mol Drama Story Review


Wafa-Be-Mol is an ongoing Hum Tv drama. Wafa-Be-Mol is a story of social issues faced by girls after marriage in our society. How parents treat their daughters like princesses and how they keep them far away from the harsh reality of society, where Bahu is the replacement of cook, maid, and caretaker. No matter how much you love your daughter but has no soft corner for Bahu (daughter-inlaw). 

Hania is a young girl who lives a carefree life before her marriage. She encounters many problems in her life after her wedding with Azhar. Hania’s father-in-law is very strict and very particular about rules and regulations. Hania’s father-in-law’s this nature creates many problems in her life.  


Azhar is the elder son of Mirza Yawar Baig and a very obedient son and caring brother. Shaheer, the younger brother of Azhar. Shaheer is full of life and loving son and brother, and also very good at house chores and help his father to take care of the house. Shehzeem is the younger daughter of the family who unconditionally loves by her father and brothers.

Nazi is Azahar’s cousin and a greedy and cunning girl. She is after Azhar’s father’s money but also loves Azhar and wants to marry him, however, Azhar has no interest in her. 

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Mirza Yawar Baig suddenly meets his old friend Haider (Hania’s father) he also meets Hania and likes her living style, education and chooses her for his family. He expresses his feeling to his friend that he is looking for a girl for his elder son Azhar and gives Azhar’s proposal for Hania. They eventually accept their proposal, and Hania gets married to Azhar. Nazi and Rubina determined to make Hania’s life hell and make her regret marrying Azhar.

This drama is written by Nuzhat Suman and directed by Momina Duraid. Wafa-Be-Mol drama cast starring serial Ali Abbas,Arez Ahmed, Komal Mir, Sukaina Khan, Behroz Sabzwari, Zain Afzal, Abul Hassan, Hina Javed, Nimra Shahid, Fazila Qazi, Kaiser Khan Nizamani,Saife Hassan, Zainab Qayoom , Shehzeen Rahat, Nisha Rizwan.