Khuda Aur Mohabbat Episode 28 Review: Fake Love Is Sin

mahi and farhad

This episode starts with Mahi and her bhabi stunned to see Farhad standing in front of them as he came to Hawaili with holy water. He hands the holy water to Mahi’s mother-in-law and amulet that the Peer of the shrine has sent for her. She tries to stop him but he leaves immediately.

Farhad went back to Mazar and discovers that Mahi is a widow and her husband gets killed on the wedding night. Then Farhad remembers how he had wished for her to be miserable all her life. He immediately confronts the Peer for sending him to the haveli because he knew about it.

Why did you do this to me, Farhad says I had killed himself in her eyes, and it should have stayed that way. The Peer says there’s no point in running away from his destiny.


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Peer explains to Farhad not to expect anything when you choose to love someone and never fake the love because the biggest sin is pretending the love and hurting someone’s heart.

Farhad feels guilty after knowing Mahi’s suffering and he was unable to shake off the feeling of her pain.

Mahi is also worried about Farhad, she keeps thinking of his condition, what he was, and what he has become. She addresses her feelings with her bhabhi and asks her to speak with Farhad and tell him to return to his old life.

Mahi also expresses that she wants to meet Farhad one last time before leaves for her home to Bhawalpure. Her Bhabi asks if she wants to go to the shrine again. But Mahi’s Bhabhi is not sure of that idea.


On the other hand, Sikandar’s mother asks him if he accepts Mahi as the mother of his children. He is uneasy about marrying her but agrees, as no one will love his children more than Mahi. He says we should ask her before we move forward with anything.

Sikandar’s mother also talks to Mahi’s mother about Mahi and Sikandar’s marriage. Her mother is denied the idea at first. But she is in a state of confusion after witnessing how the Sikandar’s kids love Mahi and have become fond of her.


My point of view:
Feroz khan’s acting as Farhad is commendable, the way he expresses his suffering that no one understands his pure love and how he makes himself invisible, his expressions after knowing the pain of Mahi’s life was heart wrenching. Now I don’t understand the impulsiveness of Mahi’s mother-in-law for Sikander’s marriage. Mahi’s bhabhi’s expressions were bit off in this episode. Some scenes were unnecessary in the episodes like wo men from the neighborhood come over to Romana and Chanda’s house.
Overall this episode has unquestionably picked up its pace with a lot of development.

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