Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Episode 3 Review

Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Episode 5 Review

This episode starts with Aswad and Mashal’s video call where Mashal falsely criticizing Mehreen for being rude to everyone and badmouthing about Aswad’s mother. Aswad gets upset after listing such things about Mehreen.

Mehreen went to Aswad’s house to meet her mother after college, but this idea did not go well with Mashal’s mother, and she keeps bad-mouthing about Mehreen with Nani, and show her doubts that Mehreen intensely doing these all things to trap Aswad.


Mehreen asks her Khala (Aswad’s Mother) that to tell her mother to stop visiting her. Aswad’s mother tries to explain to Mehreen how challenging is her mother’s position in her 2nd husband’s house, but Mehreen was unconvinced.

Aswad calls his mother and asks not to trust Mehreen, but his mother brushes the conversation by saying she loves and trusts her the most.

Mashal searches Mehreen’s room in her absence and reads dairy where Mehreen expresses her hate for Mashal, which makes Mashal angrier and she puts some cigarettes in her room and takes pictures.

Mashal shows her best evil side by setting cigarettes in Mehreen’s room and creating the wrong picture of her in front of Aswad. She’ll make sure when Aswad comes to Pakistan he will dislike Mehreen.


Mehreen and Aswad get a chance to talk on call, Mehreen was very happy to hear his voice, but that happiness was not last for long, as soon as Aswad asks Mehreen to quit smoking and stop wasting her time in wrong activities, without knowing that its all Mashal’s plan for Mehreen. Aswad’s blind trust in Mashal is causing problems between Mehreen and him.

My point of view!

Well, This episode shows there is no one except Aswad’s mother who wishes well for Mehreen, otherwise each and every person in Mehreen’s family despise her and see her as a threat. Mashal, Shaguta, and Nani show how hateful a person can be. Aswad impulsively confronting Mehreen without hearing her side of the story was wrong. Mehreen being rude is justifying because everyone just accuses her of being a daughter of an addicted father.

Mashal’s throwing inhaler and jumping on the sofa scene was a bit over for me.

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