Parizaad Episode 4 Story Review

parizaad episode review

Previously in the episode, we noticed after knowing the biter truth of Naheed, Parizaad was completely broken. He went to the Railway station and getting suicidal feelings when some unusual fellow at the platform interrupts his idea of suicide. Prizaad’s only support in his family his elder sister Saeeda get married to Salim. 

This episode starts with a brief farewell to Naheed and her husband majid. Naheed and Parizaad met right before she left for Karachi with Majid. She feels guilty but not apologetic. Before Naheed left for Karachi, she has a brief conversation with her sister about parizaad. Where Kanwal mention to Naheed she should apologies to Parizaad whenever she gets a chance.

Saeeda’s bhabhi’s visits her in-law’s house out of curiosity about how Saeeda’s life going on and, as expected both was quite jealous to see Saeeda happily married even though they married her off to someone twice her age. 


Bubbly was introduced as a tough and headstrong young girl who has gender identity issues. She could not continue with her studies also hints that she might have learning disabilities. Bubbly’s interactions with Parizaad were quite entertaining. She immediately picked up that Parizaad would willingly help her out if not she is ready to blackmail him.


This episode was full of twists and turns and as the story moving very fast, Naheed and Majid shamelessly say bye to Parizaad before leaving for Karachi. Now a new character in Parizaad’s life was introduced as Bubbly. I’m quite sure Bubbly and her mother’s characters going to play a significant part in Prizaad’s journey. 

Drop Points

  • Parizaad’s bhabhi’s gossiping about Saeeda and interfering in her life scenes was unrequired.
  • Saeeda’s mother-in-law looks the same age as her son Salim.