First hijab-wearing editor at ‘Vogue’ Rawdah Mohamed

hijab wearing editor at 'Vogue' Rawdah Mohamed

Rawdah Mohamed will become the first hijab-wearing editor of colour at a fashion magazine in the west.


Rawdah Mohamed, a 29-year-old model, behavior analyst and mother from Somalia, had become the first hijab-wearing fashion editor of Vogue’s Scandinavia issue.

Rawdah grew up within a refugee camp in Kenya before moving to Norway with her family when she was nine years old. Her move to Europe marked the beginning of her experience of religious and racial persecution shaped through years of stereotypical perceptions of her religion. She was bullied by her peers who subjected their taunts and assaults towards her headscarf during her school years. Even her teachers suggest her to stop wearing hijjab.


Their solution was that I shouldn´t wear the hijab to school. Sitting in a room full of adults discussing my body and what I could and couldn’t wear as a young girl left more scarring than the bullying itself,” she said.

Speaking to The magzine, she shared, I strongly believe the only antidote of hate crime is activism. Many governments have been on the wrong side of liberation and equality before. It is our duty as the people to stand up and fight for each other’s rights.


The Muslim headscarf remains a highly debated article, even though the debates rarely seem to promote the voices of the women who wear them. In a world where rules concerning female bodies and dressing are decided upon by more powerful groups, the idea of a woman like Mohamed working for Vogue, which is considered the fashion bible of the world, is a necessary step towards a fairer and more equitable future. 

The model expresses her appreciation for her position, Vogue Scandinavia has taken the diversity issue to the next step, meaning creating a work environment where people of different backgrounds are being valued,” said Mohamed.