Shakira doesn’t let her children listen to her music


Shakira the pop icon released her latest summer hit Don’t Wait Up earlier this month and, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada, the singer confessed that her family isn’t necessarily her go-to for feedback on new music.

She is married to Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué and the couple has two boys. 


I don’t make them [my kids] listen to my music. I try to avoid playing my own music in my house. I try to give them as much normalcy as I can, Shakira said.

She said that she can’t deny that the children can’t escape the reality that she is a public person, as well as their father.  I try to provide her children as much normalcy as she can by living a simple life, She added.

Shakira’s new single Don’t wait up is a hit these days and has been trending in the charts.