Farhan Saeed And Aima Baig’s Song “Na Cher Malangaan Nu” is copy of Taylor Swift’s Song


We can’t hide anything from the Netizen as the song released in just very few seconds netizen realized that this is the copy of Taylor Swift Iconic Song Wildest Dream. Not just a few scenes all song is exact or you can say a cheap copy of Hollywood song. In which people start calling the Production House the Copy Center.


Indeed, the song and its Lyrics are so good. but all the things are on a vent just because of the video. Even the people start asking that it’s an inspiration or a copy. On tweeter the director of Swift’s song comment. Responding to a tweet, the famous director wrote, “Lol cool. Hi Pakistan.”


On the other side the director of this song Adnan Siddiqui highlighted it that I already state that in a Interview that how Joseph Kahn has inspired him throughout his career and Na Cher Malanga Nu is his way of paying homage to Kahn.

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