Ishq Hai Episode 9 & 10: Review


As the name of Drama Ishq hai is very intense. Same as this drama show us the high intense love story on screen. The element which I’m going to like in this Serial is that they are not stretching a story for TRP’s. It’s smoothly going which as a viewer I enjoyed because it’s gets the audience bored when we know what’s going to happen next but still the director stretching the story. So definitely, this thing needs to appreciate in this drama.

After performing in the super hit drama “Dewangi”, Danish Taimoor appears with a new look and amazing acting skills in the drama serial Ishq Hai. and we compared minal khan and danish taimoor. So, Danish Taimoor plays the character more beautifully as compared to Minal Khan. I think there is nothing new in Isra Character like always minal play a role of a girl who is always crying and in this drama, she also did the same but Danish Taimoor looks good in the character as they transform a little bit hairstyle and all according to the character. Overall Danish acting was good as a viewer I liked it.


Well, In episode 9 & 10 the thing which annoying me the most is the one of the most startling tropes in soap operas is the lack of a one-sentence explanation that clears up most of the misunderstandings. In episode 9, when Isra returns home, her father rejects her because Isra has embarrassed herself. All I had to say in return was, “No, I was kidnapped and forcibly married to this maniac and myself!” But of course she was silent when Raag’s emotional music exploded overhead, so that this single show debacle lasted another 20 bizarre episodes.


Apart from this, Speaking of glorifying horrific character choices, Isra’s brother decides to shoot his sister and Shahzaib in cold blood. We live in a country where honor killings are rampant in the villages. I couldn’t help but shake my head in disbelief at how this show looks now. Taking advantage of real life tragedies. If you want to do a mediocre melodrama, go ahead but stop using the real-life tragedies in your story if you cannot respectfully explore them.

The acting throughout episodes 9 and 10 was below average. Especially Minal Khan as Isra who was crying in the useless scene and when crying is required like on the scene when he is confronted Danish Taimoor after her father’s death so she is making faces only and there are no tears on it. Believe me, if she performs that scene full of emotions it makes the viewer more emotional but as a viewer, I was like what’s going on here. Either the cast lacks the talent or proper direction from Aabis Raza as each episode runs on “auto-pilot” with single note emotions on display. It’s also disheartening to see a brilliant actress like Saba Faisal who is just there to recite a few lines and collect her paycheck.


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