Playing a Positive role is very difficult for me: Gohar Rashid

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Gohar Rasheed is a Pakistani TV actor known for his negative character in Mann Mayal, Digest Writer, Meri Nanhi Pari, and many more and recently he played a positive role in Ishqiya and Raaz-e-Ulfat which is also appreciated by the audience. He studied theatre, film, television, and journalism in his undergraduate studies at Beaconhouse National University, Lahore. Gohar studied entertainment media for graduation from the same institution.
While talking to something Haute Gohar explains why he looks more real when he plays a negative role.

He said from the start I mostly play the negative character or you can say I get type casted. So by the time when I got the negative role its comes naturally But it does not mean that I’m a bad person in real life.


I know all the beats of the negative character and it depends on the director too. I worked with very creative directors that’s also helped me to play my character well.

On the other hand playing, a positive role is very hard for me I had to put so much effort into that and the audience is also not connecting with that. unfortunately, our writers do not write the back story of every character so I have to put my effort to to play that character well.