Famous Pakistani Photographer Celebrates Father’s Day


Fathers are building blocks of the family. They are friendly, wise, and strengthened figures in individual lives who hold them up and help them grow. Let’s be honest, we all love our fathers, and one way or the other, we are what we have become today because of their love, wisdom, support and so much more. It’s Father’s Day and everyone is celebrating the blessing of their fathers by taking a trip down the memory lane and thanking them for their love and guidance. But Pakistan Famous and Well-known photographers make that day more memorable by sharing beautiful moments of brides with their father. Take a look at how they recollect and cherish the happy memories of brides with their fathers.

  1. Fatima Tariq Photography

2. Pictorizzah

3. the wedding story films


4. The Videographers


5. ssphotography



7. Abdulsamadzia

LITERALLY GOOSEBUMPS – Her father got diagnosed with last stage cancer right before their wedding, but all he wanted was his daughter to have a wonderful life ahead – A Beautiful Story

Indeed All the videos are so mesmerizing, I enjoyed it, Did you..?

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