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Syra Yousuf first interview after divorce

Syra Yousuf

I’m a very private person I don’t like to take everything on social media, said Syra Yousuf .


Pakistani Film and TV actress and model Syra Yousuf shares her experience in the Pakistani industry and explain how it was not easy to start a career with so many worries and remain in this industry with your terms, but yes, you have to set your boundaries in the start otherwise no one going to respect you. Either its your professional or personal life.

syra yousuf and sadaf kawal

Syra also revel why she is not working on TV anymore. she said, I don’t like the scripts I get, I don’t want to work on something that teaches nothing to the society besides how to cheat on your husband or wife or fall in love with your sister in law/brother in law, having an extramarital affair or unnecessary divorces. I hate this type of scripts that sends nothing but the wrong message to views.


She also added that it does not like these dramas are completely functional, unfortunately, it happens in real lives too but we can change the reality if we promote good family and relationship values.

I desire to change the narrative and educate people with good dramas, I want them to see the woman in an extraordinary and strong light not who always crying for help and need someone to rescue her or homewrecker type roles.


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syra yousuf  and daughter

Syra Yousaf also expresses her belief in having well-wishers in her life, she said you don’t need so many people to feel good if you have 2 or 3 people in your life who makes you comfortable and you enjoy their presence that’s should be enough. And if someone is cheating on you then it’s him or her not you.
I’m happy and enjoying my time with my daughter she surprises me all the time with her questions, said Syra Yousaf



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