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Ending up together is meaningless in love-Imran Abbas

imran abbas pakistani actor

Imran Abbas is a famous star of the Pakistani Entertainment industry. He was born and brought up in Islamabad. He completed his degree in architecture from NCA. Imran loves poetry, painting, music, reading books and composing songs and poems.

Imran has six siblings and he is the youngest one. His elder sister passed away a couple of years ago due to cancer and this incident gave a deep scar in Imran’s life as he shares they were very close to each other.


In an interview with Samina Peerzada Imran stated, he stops planing for tomorrow because witnessing her sister’s unexpected exit from this world makes him realize the reality that it’s all temporary. And I don’t want to waste my time in useless matters, that’s why I have started dissociating myself from people, I don’t go on awards and don’t attend any events or parties. You won’t see me on page 3 anymore I don’t like these things anymore.


Imran stated, he wants to spend this time really fast and wants to go the place call eternity and he thinks of this place (world) like a tunnel that he has to pass quickly. after he lost his elder sister he strongly believes everything around us is temporary.

Imran said, he doesn’t like it when paparazzi chase him. “I don’t want the spotlight, I don’t enjoy that” I love to be simple, and want to experience things like a normal person.


Imran shares his feelings about love and marriage. he said, “I was truly falling in love in college days but left heartbroken”. He said he still loves her but accepts the fact that ending up together is meaningless in love. he also added you will fall in love repeatedly but there is no replacement of first love.

Imran also expresses his desire to be a dad and spill the beans that he might get married soon.


He also said spending time with my mother and family makes me happy. I don’t like to waste time on mobile or gadgets. I don’t like to watch any type of film or drama, I don’t like fiction. However, I love to watch informative documentaries related to the earth.


Imran Abbas is not only an outstanding actor but also a very humble and amazing human being. He is actively involved in doing charity work for Thar and planning to build an old-age home for senior citizens in Pakistan.


We wish him all the very best for his future and hope to see his majestic work more on screen.

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