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Female fans lash out on Faysal Qureshi and Naheed Shabir

faysal qureshi naheed shabir

Faysal Qureshi landed in hot water again

This time the reason is Naheed Shabir’s wedding. Pakistani actress Naheed Shabir recently got married to producer officer Nomi Khan. It was the second marriage of Both Naheed and Nomi Khan.


Tanzeela Mazhar Pakistani TV journalist tweeted: “Nomi Khan ditched his first wife and two kids for actress Naheed Shabir. He shoved her out of his house as well. Drama fraternity has become immune to broken family scenes because this is what our dramas are all about. It’s a shame! ”

naheed shabir wedding faysal qureshi blamed

She strongly targeted Faysal Qureshi for looked extra thrilled about both the weddings of Nomi Khan. and in reply to Tanzeela Mazhar tweets, Many people show their disappointment towards Faysal Qureshi’s personal choices about marriages.

naheed shabir weeding faysal qureshi blamed
naheed shabir weeding faysal qureshi blamed
naheed shabir wedding faysal qureshi blamed bride outfit

Tanzeela Mazhar attracts a serious amount of attention on Faysal Qurashi’s past marriages. Female fans openly show their disappointment for Faysal Qureshi and his continuous positive and supportive behavior towards the second marriage.

naheed shabir wedding faysal qureshi blamed

Well, 2nd marriages getting common in showbiz nowadays and the female audience is not loving this culture and people who are supporting this trend.
Because in Pakistan there are very rear people who delivered complete rights to both their wives and their families.

“Marriage and Divorce are a very personal matter but don’t ruin someone’s marriage because you love that person and want to marry.”


Well, Nomi Khan should blame for this matter, because he’s the one who injustice to his first wife and his own kids, rather than drag other people in this matter and accusing them is so unnecessarily. because attacking Faysal Qurashi and his personal life is completely unnecessary here.

faysal qureshi

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