There can’t be any friendship between husband and wife, Noman Ijaz

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I don’t have many friends in the Entertainment industry -Noman Ijaz

Iffat Omar freshly started her talk show on YouTube and she invited Noman Ijaz on her show as her first guest.

In this interview apart from other things, Noman Ijaz brilliantly and boldly delivered his perspective about MD Productions banning Firdous Jamal.

He agreed that the choice of words Firdous Jamal used was not ideal and also accepted that fact that Mahira Khan certainly was a superstar with a huge fan following.

“What Momina Duraid did is a big gamble. It can either go in favor of her film and draw the crowds to the cinema or it can completely backfire.” he added


Noman Ijaz believes social media is a fundamental obstacle of most issues we are facing in current time, and he also thinks that the Pakistani culture, the people, are not ready to use social media more constructively.

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Noman Ijaz opinion was quite clear and straight forward on Mohsin Abbas Haider’s wife stating the problem of domestic violence in the media.

Noman Ijaz’s comment about ‘taali dono hatho se bajti hei’ hinted that he was saying that both parties were at fault in some way.Staying on this topic he also said:

we need to understand one thing about the husband-wife relationship, you cannot be friends, “there is a completely different definition of friendship” Being a husband and wife you have to respect each other equally and yes, sometime we can’t share everything with our better-half. -Noman Ijaz


He elaborated more and said:

I am not defending anyone, I am just giving my honest opinion. This domestic violence only happens when you let it happen. If you stop it when it begins then it won’t progress to the next level. When it happened for the first time, she(Fatima sohail) should have left him (Mohsin Abbas Haider). -Noman Ijaz

Noman Ijaz is someone who believes that women should accept domestic violence and take action of beginning for themselves and set some boundaries.

Well, it’s joyous to see Noman Ijaz on the talk show for the first time and he speaks so wisely and honestly on such controversial topics.

What you think about his interview comment and share.