I don’t acknowledge Mahira Khan as an Actor

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What I said is very meaningful if someone wants to understand the meaning.


Nadia Khan is always famous for her blunt nature and strong opinions. In her recent TV interview, she said I don’t acknowledge Mahira Khan and Mehwish Hayyat as an Actor. After Firdous Jamal, now even Nadia Khan stating her opinion on Mahira Khan’s acting.

At BOL Nights With Ahsan Khan, during the rapid-fire question, Nadia was asked to rank the best three actresses in Pakistani industry. Those names are Mahira Khan, Mehwish Hayat and Saba Qamar.


Nadia Khan replied Saba Qamar was the best by far but I won’t even rate the other two Mahira and Mehwish as actors. Rather, I want to add Iqra Aziz name as the best actress, you didn’t even suggest Iqra’s name who in my opinion is one of the finest actresses in Pakistani industry right now and I am a big fan of her.

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Ahsan Khan doesn’t want any controversy to start from his show, he handles this statement very smartly and moved the wave. well, this is not the first time when someone question Mahira Khan’s acting scales.

What you think about her statement, do you agree with her statement.

Courtesy : Bol Entertainment