Zara Noor Abbas as Feroza in Dewar-e-Shab on Hum TV short review

Zara Noor Abbas as Feroza dewar-i-shab Zara Noor Abbas

Dewar e Shab directed by Iqbal Hussain and written by Aliya Bukhar, Dewar e Shab is based on Aliya Bukhari’s novel of the same name.

The promos displayed Zara Noor Abbas as Feroza radiating in concubine costumes, it turned out she was just a guest character. She dies early on in the serial, leaving us with a bewildering medley of three generations of characters at the focal Kotha, and another dozen characters not connected to the other.


Sitara Begum’s daughter Feroza, who fled with the connivance of her evil aunt Dildar, has died. Her son Khayyam lives at Sitara Begum’s Kotha as the furious young man who hates everything surrounding. He wants to finish his schooling, find a job and run away with cousin his Gaiti Ara, who he is soon to be engaged to and tries to protect her from getting involved in concubine activities. Gaiti Ara is Sitara Begum’s grand-daughter from Nagina, Feroza’s sister.

sara khan dewar e shab hum tv
Sara Khan as Gaiti Ara in Dewar-e-Shab

A single interesting character is Almas the vamp, Dildar’s grand-daughter and the prime performer at the Kotha. She loves Khayyam while he despises her, and she has determined to ends the Gaiti and Khayyam’s relationship.

Sarah Elahi and shehroz sabzwari in dewar-e-shab
Shehroz Sabzwar as Khayyam and Sarah Elahi as Almas in Dwear-e-Shab

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