Pakistani TV show at there low When they make fun of Domestic Violence

Domestic abuse is a subject that needs to be addressed more openly and the media could play a significant role in this. Only if they take this issue seriously. In Pakistan, women get abused by her husband or in-laws and ask to be quiet due to social pressure.
And this show proved why many girls don’t raise there voice against domestic violence.

It was so upsetting to see how a team of foolish guys sitting there and making fun of domestic violence and showing there insensitive side for such a sensitive topic.

Recently Fatima Sohail’s accusations of alleged physical abuse on her husband Mohsin Abbas Haider and this topic brings various debates when both parties pledge on holy book and clam to be right.

Fatima Sohail is not the only victim in Pakistan but there are thousands of thousand women those are suffering from domestic violence and unable to raise there voice. There is a couple of celebrities who also share their story about domestic abuse.


However, If the show makers recreate the Fatima Sohail and Mohsin abbas haider case so they can’t go lower than this. Create a mockery act on such a sensitive subject is unexpected and Disgusting.