Pakistani movies and our Judgments

When it’s come to the Pakistani movies we start complaining. why they are showing Indian culture in Pakistani movies or Pakistani industry trying to copy Bollywood.

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Here is some facts, We don’t copy them, we share the same cultural background with small changes, Our ancestors and our languages are very similar with little differences. When we had a wedding in the family, we played Bollywood songs and many more things like that.
Yes, we do have a Difference of Religion and beliefs. Although when it’s come to the Entertainment we all want to see some funny or romantic Bollywood type movies.
Then why we get to Judgmental we our movie Industry. Yes, they still need some experience but Bollywood and even Hollywood as well produced the disaster movies some time. What I believe is we should support our Pakistani Movie Industry, and help them to grow so they will produce more good movies and we will get to see some new faces and talent.
Meanwhile, we are the only people who like their movies, songs, and actors. Indian people also admire our songs, actors, singers, and T.v dramas as well. There are many movies where they copy our songs or story line from old Pakistani movies.
Let’s show our love and support to the Pakistani Film Industry and help them to grow on a global level.