My Husband Spoiled Me

My husband spoils me in every possible way!

I’m driving since forever. But I never bother about the one thing which is very important and the basic need for driving a car.

Today I went to the supermarket for my weekly Grocery and then stop to the cafe for coffee and when I’m on the way to home I stop on the signal, due to peak hours signal take little longer time to open but all of a sudden I heard a beep sound coming out of my car, and that was the first time I heard something like this.


That was the also a first time I saw how the car indicates when you run out of ‘Gas’. Yeah, I was shocked too as much as you guys are while reading this. I never realized this because My Husband always takes care of these things. I never bother to notice these small favors that he does for me until today, when he’s out of the country for a Business trip from last two weeks.
I was blank on the Gas station and my mind was processing as fast as it can and I’m trying to figure out “HOW TO FILL THE CAR TANK?!”

Thanks to the people who work there they help me out and I survived the situation.

As soon as I reached home I called my husband and said “thank you for taking extremely good care of me BUT! You spoiled me!”