5 Japanese Food Everyone Should Try

I’m a big time foodie and I love to try new food. So this time i decided to try Japanese food, and it was an amazing experience. So there is my top five food I highly recommend to you all.

  • Tempura

Tempura is one of the best Deep fried snack in japanese food and its made mostly from seafood and vegetables, Its dipped in a light batter and cooked in canola and sesame oil. Tempura is served with Tetsuyu sauce that it is a mix of sweet sake, soy sauce, ginger, radish and spices.



  • Shabu Shabu

   Shabu shabu is the Japanese hot pot. For this dish it is used thin cut meat slices and seafood, vegetables, tofu and  noodles.( I’m personally replace meat with with seafood because i’m a big seafood lover)

How to eat: you grab a piece of meat or vegetables and immerse it in the pot with hot water. Once it’s cooked, you can dip it in a sesame sauce as a side dish and enjoy with tofu and noodles.

  • Sushi

One of the most famous Japanese dish in world Sushi. Sushi specially prepared with vinegared rice, usually with some sugar and salt, combined with a variety of ingredients such as seafood (raw or cooked), vegetables, and occasionally topical fruits. Styles of sushi and its presentation vary widely, but the key ingredient is “sushi rice”.Sushi can be prepared with brown rice as well  but traditionally it is made with medium grain white rice. And most commonly they serve sushi with soy sauce.

  • Dumplings

The dumplings have different kind of filling, like pork, beef, chicken, vegetables and beans. It is originally Chinese dish, but has become very popular all over Japan. Because i was in japan at that time so i ate Japanese version of  dumplings and honestly i couldn’t  find any difference.

  • Castella 

Castella is a popular Japanese sponge cake made of sugar, flour, eggs  and starch syrup. you can easily  this cake at any Japanese bakery. My daughter loves castella and so do I.


Japan is a beautiful country  and we had an amazing time in japan.