Sania Mirza Refuse To Answer Personal Question

Sania Mirza was asked by a journalist how she balances being a mother and a professional athlete during a media event.

She replied that she handles things the same way her husband Shoaib Malik does and said she would answer the question only if it was posed to him. This occurred amid rumours of a possible divorce between Mirza and Malik.


‘Like how Shoaib Malik manages things, I also manage in a similar way. If you ask Shoaib Malik the same question, I will also give you an answer,’ Sania said.


Sania Mirza recently retired from tennis, responded confidently to a journalist who asked her about balancing motherhood and her career during a media event.

Speculation about their marriage has circulated over the past six months due to the absence of photos or videos of them together on social media.