Inflation rate in Pakistan has set another record

Inflation pakistan

The inflation rate in Pakistan has set another record and reached 36.42 percent in April.

As per details, the Bureau of Statistics has released the monthly figures for the inflation rate which stated that the inflation rate has hiked by 2.41 percent in April. The inflation rate increased by 2 percent in the urban area while 2.97 percent in the rural areas.


The price of Potatoes increased by 26.88 percent, flour 25.8 percent, tomatoes 19.3 percent, sugar 18.8 percent, fruits 10.1 percent, eggs 9.8 percent and wheat by 4.47 percent.The inflation rate was recorded 28.23 percent from July till April 2023. The hike in prices of eggs and wheat was recorded 100.8 and 103.52 percent respectively.

News Source: Ary News