5 Chinese Historical dramas you can’t miss

The Princess Weiyoung


Princess Wei Young is a historical romance drama in which Princess Feng narrowly escapes her death. To avenge herself and take revenge, she adopts Li Weiyoung, her savior. She is keen on taking revenge on enemies, who had put the kingdom in jeopardy. The series is based on Qin Jiang’s novel, The Poisonous Daughter.

Goodbye My Princess


The series Goodbye my Princess is based on Fei Wo Si Cun’s novel, Eastern Palace. The battle to the glorious thrones continues, as the series follows the marriage of Western Liang’s ninth Princess to the Crown Prince. It features inter-clan politics, as this political marriage ensues between the two countries. Both the crown Prince and Princess fall in love but trouble strikes the paradise when Princess finds out what the crown Prince had done to her clan.


Ashes of Love

Ashes of Love belongs to the romantic drama genre, one of the best dramas. The story revolves around Jin mi. She is Flower Goddess’s daughter. The mother dies after she gives birth to the infant daughter.

It adapts Dian Xian’s novel Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost. Yang Zi portrays Jin mi. Jin mi is drawn to the son of the Heavenly Emperor, Xufeng, whose character is played by Deng Lun. While they share a destiny, the forces play against them from being together.


The Long Ballad

The Long Ballad is a compelling historical, with a touch of classic romance, and drama that intertwines its plot with Chinese history. One of the best dramas of historical romance and fight for the rights.

Li Changge, played by Dilraba Dilmurat, is decided to be the upcoming heir to the throne. But ugly court politics throws her family into the woes of death.

However, she is saved and hides her identity to take vengeance against the perpetrators.

She crosses paths with Ashile Sun, a tribal prince, who is adopted by the rival Qaghan kingdom. As he helps Li Changge out, he becomes a rival to his kingdom. However, they soon find out that another rival is planning to bring down their dynasties.


Rebirth For You


Jiang Bao Ning, the commandery princess of Jia Nan, grows up in the palace since childhood. She remains carefree despite knowing that there is no freedom within the palace walls and does not want to be used as a puppet. Thus, relying on her own ingenuity, she resists the fate of becoming a tool in the inner palace fighting. A princess refuses to marry the Emperor and falls in love with the Imperial Guard Li Qian.