Dania Shah responds to Bushra Iqbal post mortem will happen at any cost

I have the right to know the cause of my husband’s death, says Dania Shah.


Dania Shah the third wife of the deceased Aamir Liaquat, posted a story on her Instagram that Syeda Bushra Iqbal, the ex-wife of her husband late Amir Liaquat, was delaying the postmortem deliberately, and was threatening her not to attend the hearing.

The reaction of Dania Shah came after Bushra Iqbal’s tweet on Friday, where she wrote, that she will be filing a case against late Amir Liaquat Hussain’s third wife Dania Shah, and her mother, with the cybercrime wing. ” She went on to request prayers and support as well.”


Danita Shah wrote in her story, Post-mortem should happen and will happen and everything will come out in the open. “When a post-mortem was requested, both Bushra and Dua came forward and demanded support. But they were nowhere to be seen when Amir died. How come now she’s bringing her daughter in front of the media as well to fight this? “There surely is something for which they want to keep delaying the post-mortem,”

Dania Shah called Bushra Iqbal half the reason for Amir Liaquat’s death. “He forgave you before leaving this world but I have all the proof of how you’ve looted him in the name of your kids in the past. If you had such tension about the leaked video, then where were you when it was released? Why do you care now? Wealth has blinded you, frugal woman.”

She also added, “You’re more responsible for his death than you are charging me off. Why did you disconnect him from his kids? The divorce happened between the two of you. You could’ve allowed the kids to get attached to their father, then maybe this day wouldn’t have come for Aamir.”