Badshah Begum: Short Review

Hum TV’s drama Badshah Begum is produced by Rafay Rashdi and Momina Duraid under the banners of Rafay Rashdi Productions and MD Productions. This story of drama written by Saji Gul and directed by Khizer Idrees.



The story is about a ‘Pir’ named Shah Alam, and the five children of his two dead wives. Shahzeb and his younger brother Murad live as the decision-makers in the state of Peeraan Pur, along with their aunt Hakim Bi, the resident ‘Badshah Begum’ who handles women’s affairs in the estate. Hakim Bi, sister of Pir Shah Alam. She is the caretaker of Badshah Begum’s throne until a successor is named. She however is manipulative and wants the title of Badshah Begum for herself.

Shah Alam, having had the fill of his stature, had shifted to the city long ago, where his other children, Jahan Ara, Roshan Ara, and Shahmir are raised. Soon, the city inhabitants are urged to return to their roots, and the two pairs of children of Shah Alam with different wives, who don’t get along, clash badly. This is a story about sibling’s rivalry and fights for the throne to get the title “pir” and “Badshah Begum”


The star cast of the drama

  • Shahzad Nawaz as Pir Shah Alam
  • Saman Ansari as Hakim Bi
  • Zara Noor Abbas as Jahan Ara
  • Farhan Saeed as Pir Shahzaib
  • Ali Rehman Khan as Bakhtiar
  • Yasir Hussain as Pir Qaiser
  • Hamza Sohail as Pir Shahmeer
  • Komal Meer as Roshan Ara
  • Abul Hassan as Murad
  • Tanya Hussain as Zulekha
  • Hiba Aziz as Gulnar
  • Kasim Khan as Tara
  • Uzma Beg as Bakhtiar’s mother
  • Akbar Islam as Zulekha’s father