Nadia Hussain gets troll for supporting “LGBTQ” rights in Pakistan

nadia hussain

Nadia Hussain recently appeared in the show Katehra With Najam-Ul-Hassan Bajwa, The anchor asked, “Should there be a discussion about LGBTQ/Gay rights in Pakistan? the 42-year-old model maintained that denying the fact that gay exist is not possible.

“We can not deny the fact that gay men are humans as well. They can not be blamed for who they are. Gays should be given equal rights.”

“They do need to have rights of education, job, salaries and etc. They should get the rights which they’re not provided with. ”, she concluded whilst advocating for their rights.

Netizens stated, that Hussain is going against the principle of Islam. They blamed the public figures and media celebrities for modernizing religion and giving inappropriate statements.