Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Episode 7 Review: Aswad and Mehreen are engaged

This episode starts with Aswad, where he tries to convince his mother don’t force this marriage on him especially with Mehreen. Mashal’s mother complin about Saliya phupoo to Aswad, That she always differentiates between Mehreen and Mashal and she is being too stubborn about Mashal’s marriage proposal for him.

This conversation did not go well with Aswad and ask Shagufata and Mashal not to cross the line when comes to his mother. Mashal and Shagufta feel helpless in front of Aswad because he refuses to listen to anything against his mother. Mashal expresses her hate for Saliya phupoo.

Saliya phupoo asks Mehreen if she wants to accept this proposal and Mehreen says yes. Wait What why. Why Mehreen wants to Mehreen marry someone who dislikes her. Just to defeat Mashal.

Aswad is in shock after hearing that Mehreen says yes to his proposal. He wants to confront her, But Mehreen refuses to talk. On the other hand, both mothers ask Aswad and Mehreen to exchange the engagement rings.

Mashal and Mehreen again fight for Aswad and Mashal brutally slaps her and ask her to stay away from Aswad.

Saffan asks Mehreen why she rejected him all of a sudden, she makes excuses and said my family wants her to marry Aswad. I feel bad for Saffan, he does not deserve this kind of behaviour from Mehreen .

Now all of a sudden, Aswad is completely in love with Mashal and hates Mehreen more and ever. He asks Mashal to forgive him and move on, But Mashal is on fire and threat him she will take her life if he marries Mehreen.

Mashal’s parents threaten Nani to orders Saliya and Rabia to break this engagement, Nani demands Mehreen to say ”No” to this proposal and find someone for her. Mashal and Saffan, absolutely broken after Mehreen and Aswad’s engagement.

This episode ends with so many questions, why Mehreen wants someone like Aswad who hate her. why Mehreen unreasonably refuses Saffan. why Mehreen destroying her life just to defeat Mashal when she can live a happy life with Saffan. Nani is the most cringe-woman in this serial she has no heart for Mehreen. At some point, I feel sorry for Mashal and I hate Mahreen for being too stubborn just to take revenge on a person like Mashal. Again we witness a forced marriage, where Aswad is simply not interested in Mehreen and he keeps telling her but his mother forcing him to marry her. we all know forced marriages never end well.