Qissa Meherbano Ka Episode 2 Review

This episode starts with Noor who was caught by her grandfather while stilling his money from his room. But Noor was completely unapologetic for her behaviour and blame Abba Miya for their poverty. Meherbano scrolled Noor for her bad behaviour towards Baba Miya and ask her to change her attitude. Noor is constantly advising her to move on and free herself from that undesirable marriage.

In this episode, they reveal the past how Meherbano gets trapped in that unwanted relationship because of her father’s wrong decision to save his son’s marriage.

Meherbano asks Mehran to not expect anything from her as she is already in someone’s Nikkah. But Mehran refuses to accept that and explains to her that she is the one who needs to accept reality and moves on.

On the other hand, Mehran mother visit Meherbano’s home and indirectly warn her father to not keep up any hope regarding Mehran and Mehro.


Well, we get to know a small glance of Meherbano’s past how she ended up with this Nikkah and a bit of understanding about the Noor parent’s tragic death. The drama starts with 15 minutes of stretching scenes of Noor, with I found unnecessary that can be a small scene but the director converted that small part into a 15 minutes long scene. Noor’s character is very over the board needs to tone down a bit. We get a chance to see the Ahsan Khan for 1 minute at the end. Again the story is going very slow, hopefully, it’s picked up the speed in upcoming episodes.