Ishq Hai Episode 25-26 Short Review

This episode starts with Samreen’s conspiracy against Isra, She went to Isra’s room and talks nicely and show her sincerity to Isra, and offering her hand for friendship, it seems like Isra fell into her sweet talk. Later Nimra too comes into her room and tells her that she is very ashamed of her earlier behavior. But in reality, she is working with Haris and making plans on how to separate her from Shahzaib.

On the other hand, Isra’s bhabi makes a huge fuss over Isra and Shahzaib’s forgiveness and accepting them so easily. She is demanding Hammad to leave her, Naina leaves the house. Isra’s mother gets panicked and sick as she was alone in the house because her son has gone to take back her wife on her order.

Haris is now at her home taking care of her mother, He pretends to nice infort of Isra and she also thankful to him for saving her mother’s life, but Shahzaib is not happy on seeing Haris at Isra’s home specially getting comfartable around her.


Isra should be careful around haris and why She is trusting Samreen and Nimra so easily, does she forget who are they and what both girls want from her. It already very obieois that Shahzaib in very uncompertable seeing Haris around the ending of episode we have seen that Nimra deliberately leaves her dupatta in Shahzaib’s bed so Isra will see and eventually question Shahzaib.