Hamza Ali Abbasi says music and films are not “Haram” if they are within limits

hamza ali come back

Hamza Ali Abbasi recently gave an interview to Sarfraz Niazi, sharing insights regarding his journey, and his views on media and industry. Hamza Ali Abbasi is set to make his cinema comeback through the profoundly expected Maula Jatt. Abbasi reported last year that he is working on a book about his spiritual journey.

when asked regarding his plans concerning the entertainment industry, the entertainer reacts, “If the question is whether I think work like music, film, and drama is haram, then I have concluded that it is not. As long as you stay within the limits defined by Almighty, then it isn’t.”


According to Hamza, the embodiment of religion isn’t completely valued, he shared, “We never wind up drawing in with religion on a scholarly level. We never seek after answers. Deen is acquired, and the pervasive view is that our relationship with it is one of commitment, not astuteness. Although the Quran says the direct inverse.” He added later, “We should simply continue to wonder why do we accept what we believe?”