You might see me on your TV screens delivering dialogue, said Atif Aslam

atif aslam new song

Atif Aslam got candid with the BBC’s Haroon Rashid on his show Beyond Bollywood

Atif began by talking about his new song ‘Rafta Rafta’ and working with Tarish Music, a new record label company. “To be very honest, it’s all about good music. Music should win, no matter if it’s a new label or old label,” he said, New labels must be supported because the people and market need something new.


“So if a bedroom producer is listening out there or a writer who’s writing in the back of his notepad in school” Rashid said. “Yeah, come on over here,” Aslam smiled. He said he’s welcoming of new artists and new faces and loves working with them. I take pride in my work but it’s not very tough to work with me.

He also praised Sajal Aly’s professionalism and said they had a great time working together in ‘Rafta Rafta’.


Rafta Rafta was shot in Gilgit-Baltistan and the reasons for shooting it there were two resons,I wanted to showcase the beauty of Pakistan and he wanted a vacation. “It’s been a long time,” Atif added.

He shared is that he will try into acting if he finds the right script. “People might be able to see me on TV delivering dialogue,” Atif said.