Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Episode 2 Review

Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Episode 5 Review

Previously in the episode, we see Aswad and Mehreen as kids, they are cousins. Aswad and everyone like Mehreen, Because she is kind and well dressed and sensible. Mashal is the opposite of Mehreen, she is fun-loving, sloppy, cunning, and jealous of Mehreen. Mehreen’s life is a typical example of a child without parents. No one cares about her needs. Mehreen makes her own pocket money by selling online paintings. Mashaal is a spoilt brat who does not miss any chance to look down on Mehreen. The strain started to happen between Mehreen and Mashal at a very young age that followed their adult lives as well.


The episode started Mehreen went to her friend Sheeba’s home just to avoid her mother. Mehreen and her friend are discussing that she should consider Safi’s (Sheeba’s cousin) proposal and move on with her life, But Mehreen sounds uninterested. Mehreen’s mother was waiting for her at home. Her mother surely understands that her relationship with Mehreen has been damaged and there is nothing that she can do about it.

Mehreen has made it very obvious that she wants to maintain this distance and her relationship with her mother is suffocate her and she is more of Anam & Tooba’s mother, therefore she does feel the guilt but also knows that there is nothing that she can do about it.


Nani’s persona is quite prejudiced and bitter towards Mehreen, She always taunts Mehreen about her father and how useless he was and as she is the same as her father was. Nani has contributed a lot to Mehreen’s bitterness and rude behavior.

Nani, Tahir & Shagufta had absolutely nothing good to say about Mehreen. They have no good intentions for her. Mashal has also been telling lies to Aswad about Mehreen because she wants to make sure that any good thoughts Aswad had about her changes & he sees her the way Mashal wants him to see Mehreen. Mashal is drawing the wrong image of Mehreen just like her mother and Nani do.

In this episode, we understand that Mehreen has no support and comport from her so-called family. Her mother also left her behind when she was a child that trauma still haunts her. Now she has to do everything pretty much on her own, That makes Mehreen so bitter.

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