Faryal Mehmood describes it ‘professional jealousy’ as she addresses Sonya Hussyn’s statement


The Raqeeb Se actress Faryal Mehmood has recently replied to a controversial statement shared by Sonya Hussyn, On the chat show, Sonya said she doesn’t know who is Faryal Mehmood is.

Now Faryal has finally addressed her equation with the Sonya Hussyn on Time out with Ahsan Khan. She said, “Sonya mujhe nahi jaanti magar me usay jaanti hoon, we have been on a set together.”

Fayal remembered that Sonya body-shamed her when she was new in the showbiz industry. ‘Unho ne mere motapay ka mazaak udaya jub me moti thi, galat hai yeh bohat. Maine unhe call out kia and it became a mess. All of a sudden she’s stating that she doesn’t know me, it’s fine.”


Faryal ended this note by answering, “It’s professional jealousy, I like it, I love Sonya.”