Aijaz Aslam upcoming Movie is supernatural thriller ‘Future Imperfect’

Aijaz Aslam upcoming Movie

Aijaz Aslam is all set for Future Imperfect, a ‘supernatural thriller movie for Aaj Entertainment.

‘Future Imperfect’, an action thriller movie with supernatural components, stars Aijaz Aslam as Zahid. The diary has one rule for Zahid: don’t question anything, just follow along. With orders from the diary propelling him on a frantic journey to fulfill his own foreordained destiny, Zahid ignites a chain reaction that will change his own future. Future that needs to come to pass, without his consent or volition.


Future Imperfect Produced by Zaid Aziz and written, directed, co-cinematographed, edited by Mohammad Kamran Jawaid. Mohammad Kamran Jawaid is also a veteran film critic associated with Dawn’s newspapers’ Icon magazine for nearly two decades .

Cast includes Aijaz, Mashal Khan, Hassam Khan, and Khalid Anam.

This is not like the typical storytelling formulas or themes we see on television, The concept and the shooting style will give something new and exciting to the viewers, said Aijaz Aslam


This Movie is Premiering on Aaj Entertainment at 9 PM, Saturday August 7, 2021, with a repeat telecast Sunday, 3 PM, August 8, 2021.