Dour Episode 9 Short Review

Dour Episode 9 Review

In the previous episode, Mrs. Etheshaam has actually killed Asma’s father Master Sabir with his oxygen masks. Mrs. Etheshaam is all set to trap Asma in her plan. Rohan was truly upset for Asma. Abhaan wants Asma at any cost not because he likes her but Rohaan likes her.

When Roman meets Asma and assures her that he is an orphan and not the biological son of Mrs. Etheshaam, He has no business is his own. Asma seems pleased to know that fact. Asma discusses this proposal with her family. She willingly accepts Roman’s proposal without grasping that it is a big conspiracy by Mrs. Etheshaam, which she will use in her favor.

Asma’s Aunt visits Roman’s house and tells Mrs. Etheshaam that Asma is happy to have a life partner like Roman. Her aunt also adds that she has no idea that she is not marrying Roman but Abhaan. Mrs. Etheshaam warns her greedy Aunt to keep this a secret till the wedding day. As per the plan, Mrs. Etheshaam tells Roman that Asma has rejected his marriage proposal they seem more interested in Abhaan.


Mrs. Etheshaam successfully breaks Roman’s heart. The very next day Roman convincing Mrs. Etheshaam to let Asma and Abhaan’s marriage happen. WOW, What makes him change his mind so quickly because as far as I know, he was crazily in love with Asma than what has got into him.
Roman’s character is not making any sense at all now.


Abhaan is happy After all, he is getting married to Asma because his biggest fear to be alone is about to end, and he gets what he wants. I truly feel sad for Asma because her life is going to be ruined. It’s not only Mrs. Etheshaam who is after Asma but her Aunt is too greedy to see what’s she is doing to her niece.