Parizaad Episode 3 Review- Very Powerful episode

parizaad episode review

Tonight’s episode start with a very heavy note, After knowing the biter truth of Naheed, Parizaad was completely broken. He went to the Railway station and getting suicidal feelings when some unusual fellow at the platform interrupts his idea of suicide. That guy happens to be his senior at University. This interesting character Nasaaz’s words are important and carry a very powerful message for the audience and especially for those who unfortunately going through a rough phase.

“He said that these suicidal thoughts appear in a very weak moment, all a person needs is someone to talk unit the person gets out of that suicidal mode like just you came out of that moment”.

We can see this new friendship is going to play a very strong part in Parizaad’s life.
Surprisingly Shoki comes across as a good person by heart, unlike Majid and Naheed, who deliberately frame the Parizaad for their personal advantage. Shoki shows the guts to face everyone plus he wants to clear Parizaad’s name but it is Parizaad who worries for Naheed’s honor ask him to never disscus this matter ever.


Prizaad’s only support in his family his elder sister is going to marry soon. Parizaad’s family finds an older guy Salim which thankfully seems to be a generous and kind heart man. He allows his wife to continue her studies and he talks with her in a very respectful manner. again the witter and diractor pass a very strong message in a very simple way” education is very impotent for everyone”


Naheed is married to Majid because he is handsome and Naheed is also loved by the guys just because she is a good-looking girl. That stereotype thought needs to be changed, otherwise, gem souls like Parizaad always face brutal heartbreaks and are left alone with overwhelming sadness and grief.