Feminism being used by people to spread vulgarity: Shahroz Sabzwari

Shahroz Sabzwari interview

what Sadaf said was an “expression of her love for her husband, Islamic and hadith.”

The backlash that was received by Sadaf and Shahroz’s previous interview led many to question why Sadaf would talk about her personal life and choices to define feminism and culture. And by doing this mislead a movement that has already been misconstrued.

Many celebrities also questioned why the host would ask Sadaf, out of all the people, questions about feminism and how it should be. But now, Shahroz has said that whatever Sadaf said was an “expression of her love for her husband,” adding that it was “in line with Islamic values and the hadith.”


Shahroz claimed, “First of all I’d like to point out that only 10% of Pakistanis are against Sadaf’s viewpoint an 90% are standing by her.”
“No woman would willingly want to do what Sadaf said she would do for me, unless she is happy with her husband and not oppressed. This should tell you that Sadaf is not oppressed.” Shahroz added.

He asks the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to give its women the same kind of respect and status Islam has given them. “But black sheep are everywhere in the world,” he continued, “and by that, I mean women around the world are subjected to violence and that does not mean the violence is justified. But If my wife is listing down ways she feels she can express her love to me and it irks 10% of Pakistanis who share her old videos to justify their claims, then they have weakened their case themselves.”


He reinstated that since “Islam gives us the chance to repent our sins, and you don’t know if someone has apologized, how can you bring up their past to sling mud on them? “If ‘Mera Jism, Meri Marzi’ has been misunderstood, then so has what Sadaf said.

And we believe whatever Sadaf said was in accordance with Islam and hadith. And I agree that feminism is meant to give a voice to the women who are oppressed but don’t you think people are using feminism to normalize vulgarity.