Pakistan’s badminton star, Mahoor Shahzad apologizes for her ‘Pathan’ comment

Mahoor Shahzad apologizes

National badminton star and Tokyo 2020 Olympics Mahoor Shahzad has apologized on her social media accounts on Wednesday after a video interview of hers sparked criticism. 

After receiving a lot of backlash on her unwarranted remarks, Mahoor took to social media to apologize for her comments.

In the video, Mahoor is seen saying “People appreciated me a lot, but yes, there are some of our badminton players, who are just like ‘Pathan’. And because I am “number one” badminton player in Pakistan and played in Olympics, so some of our Pakistani badminton players are really jealous how come I have reached this position.”

“Pakistanis have a problem that they don’t want to do it nor they would let anyone else do it,” Shahzad said before the clip abruptly ends.


The badminton player received criticism for ridiculing her fellow players and by extension, an entire ethnicity.

Following the interview, Mahoor published a statement on her Facebook and Twitter account apologizing for her statement.

“I am sorry from the core of my heart for hurting the feelings of my Pathan brothers and sisters. Whatever I have achieved and where I stand today is because of the love and support of all of you,” she said.