Parizaad Episode 2 Story Review

parizaad drama review

Today’s episode starts with all the people turning up on Parizaad’s doorstep. Poor Parzaad confronts the most unfortunate humiliation. His answer to everyone was a very strong scene of this episode. He was angry and at the same time contained as a result of he wanted to guard Naheed more obvious than anything. Despite the fact that he’s clearly attracted in the direction of Naheed, he heard Shoka and agreed to comply with Naheed.

Parizaad’s brothers didn’t provide him an opportunity to explain himself, and his bhabhi’s have been desperate to see him getting roasted. Parizaad’s sister is the only one who had believed in him. On the other hand, Naheed’s mom and sister trusted him more prominent than his own family. 

Now as we all can see Naheed owns a gray persona however even then her secret relationship with Majid got here as an entire shock. The fact is Naheed used parizaad for her interest and harms his sentiments grants him sufficient motives to do one thing fully surprising.


Naheed made it reasonably clear that she was simply using Parizaad to cowl up for herself and that nobody would ever doubt him since everybody is aware of she would by no means be involved with somebody like him. Naheed has an image of being a ‘Ba-haya larki’ one who can’t go wrong. That’s why Parizaad was fully shocked.

Poor Parizaad is handling heartbreak and humiliation at the same time just because he has darkened skin. Everybody assumes he’s incapable of thinking or feeling anything due to his looks.