Khuda Aur Mohabbat Ep24-25 Review- Mahi wins Mother-in-Law’s Heart

Khuda Aur Mohabbat

The previous episode begins at the Mazar where the faqeer is talking to his followers who sit around him. He talks about the loved one has for their lover. He is reminded that the lady of the Sikandar’s mother wants him to come over for making prayers for the family. The Magang arrives at the Sikander’s Mansion along with his followers including Farhad. They sit outside the Mansion. Unbeknownst to Farhad that this is in fact where Mahi was married. This is the only reason why the faqeer brought him there in the first place.


The episode starts with Mahi telling Rida she shouldn’t have said the things she did to Sikandar and wonders what he must think of her. She’s visibly upset and shattered and despite that, she says she has no problems of any kind.

Malang of the Mazar asks Farhad to manage arrangements for a group of men who will be visiting the Mazar from another country since Farhad has previous experience of making agreements for events like that. Farhad is shocked to hear the faqeer’s words and wonders how he knows that piece of information about Farhad’s past life.

Sikandar talks to his mother about her cold behavior with Mahi but she doesn’t listen to any of his requests. He then tells her to treat Mahi well till she is living under that roof if she considers Sikandar a part of her family.


Mahi apologizes to Sikandar on her friend Rida’s behalf. Soon after, his mother faints and they called the doctor immediately. Mahi takes it upon herself to look after her. Sikandar’s mother realizes her mistake and starts warming up to Mahi.

Sikandar’s mother allows Mahi to run the household and the maids. She starts warming up to her.

Sikandar returns home from Romana’s place and is positively surprised to see his mother’s changed equation with Mahi. He thanks Mahi for winning over his mother’s heart.

Sikandar & Farhad finally had a meeting & it seems the story will come in full circle when Mahi & Farhad will face each other again.