Mani Criticizes Pakistani Olympics Team


Salman Saqib aka Mani is a prominent figure of the Pakistani Showbiz industry who is an actor, model, host, and former RJ. He has hosted various shows and has worked in many dramas till now. His wife Hira Mani is a star of the Pakistani industry, while his late father, Saqib Sheikh, was a legendary figure who served on a small screen for so long. Well already Hira Mani always in the limelight on Social but yesterday Mani also took the social media and come forward and criticize the Olympics 2021 by sharing a post on Instagram

Mani shared a picture in which he combines the 2012 Olympics Picture and 2021 Olympics Picture through this he differentiate both the times. Also, he captioned it that: “Kash kay tiktok Olympics mai houta aur hum Olympic champ houtay😡” Just 10 athletes from a country of 220 million people(ussmai sai aadhay wild card pai)

He also added that a country of Jahangir and jhansher Khan , Hussain Shah , Muhammad Bashir ,Khalid mehmood ,Tariq azeez,Munir dar, Shehbaz Ahmed(sr) Hasan sardar Manzoor junior,Shehnaz sheikh, Islah ,Samiullah a country who has won 8 medals including 3 golds in field hockey at Olympics.


To everyone who is responsible for Pakistan’s such decline in sports , SHAME ON YOU!SHAME ON US


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