Ishq Hai Episodes 11 & 12 Review


In the early episodes of Ishq hai, Isra is being punished by her father and brother and she is about to go for a forced marriage to a boy she does not like. Before that, Shahzaib kidnaps Isra on the wedding night and he forced her to marry him. Now Isra hates Shahzaib because of him she has lost her father.


Isra’s fiance ( who is her ex now) actions are completely unreasonable. If we investigate the whole circumstances, the real culprit is Isra’s fiance who keeps teasing Shahzaib, His annoying behavior does not stop here, even after the tragic nikkah of Isra, He starts provoking her brother by taunting him about Isra’s secretive nikkah and Shahzaib and her appearance in the funeral. What exactly he wants, I get it he feels humiliated but be a big person and move on.

Shahzaib is trying hard to win Isra’s love back but Isra is decided that she will make Shahzaib’s life hell. Shahzaib once again goes to Isra’s brother’s house to tell them that Isra has no hand in their immediate marriage but he did not tell them that he had actually kidnaped her that night and forcibly married her.


On the other side, more absurd fuss going on Samreen’s father’s irrational attitude is not making any sense at all, his anger on Shahzaib’s mother is not justified at all. He knows very well that Shahzaib’s mother has cast him out of the house. However, he is continuing that he does not want to marry off any of her daughters in that family.

Honestly, this drama is not making sense to me. What do you have to say about this?

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